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Student Feedback – Making it Count!


This week I have been thinking about how do I facilitate student feedback on their learning and how I get it or might get it to inform my practice? I have always found this task easier to do with older students and have done this through various methods, such as sharing time, trusted friends, Langford tools, sticky notes, rubrics etc.

However I always find it more difficult to do with younger students, in the Junior Primary area. Often the responses I would get are “good, great, okay” which is nice but not very helpful. I would like to get more meaningful feedback from my students that will help me improve my teaching practice and their learning!

Yesterday, I started the ball rolling by asking the students how they would like to give feedback – I really enjoyed the conversation that followed, as they were eager to discuss their ideas. These ranged from – ‘we should make a book of all the things that we have been doing and we could write in it how we think it went’ or ‘we could take photos of us working and then we could comment on these’, right through to ‘lets make a report card for Mrs. Warner and give her a grade and effort!’ They really wanted to create some questions that they could respond to but struggled when I asked them what questions do they think we need to ask?

I believe giving students the opportunity to work through this process will be really valuable and we will continue our conversation today. However I would be really interested to hear from other teachers, especially in the Junior Primary section, how they develop and get valuable feedback from their students? What do you do in your classroom?


3 thoughts on “Student Feedback – Making it Count!

  1. Another good post Sandy. It is difficult to get good feedback from students because I believe that a lot of the time they do tell us what they think we want to know. I love the idea of a book – it could be a bit of a class reflection or journal that you could do once a week or daily if time allowed.
    I am finding that video is a good way to get feedback and am going to try to play around more with this – still thinking of ideas.
    I would be interested in hearing more about what other people are doing as well. Can’t wait to hear how it goes in your class – great idea to ask the kids who they think they should feedback.

    • Thanks Kathy. I like the idea of videoing too! Great for catching those aha moments! We were still exploring this was interestng to hear what they valued as what was important to get feedback on…and they still want to do a report card on me, which could be fun!

  2. As a teacher I am always reviewing my own practices but it is only since working in the older classes (1/2) that I have thought about the children telling me how lessons go. I saw a good idea in a classroom once where throughout the day teacher takes pics of kids lessons then at end of day two children write short entry around pictures. The book is Put on display for children to read. Recently I thought about maybe using this idea but kids could have an iPad and take videos or pics and write. It could be then a book or a blog!

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