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Face Timing Indonesia with my Students!

Rina and Siska Talking to us from Indonesia Photo courtesy of Bu Cathy

This term, my class has been researching aspects of Indonesian Culture in small groups. As part of this project, my students were able to use face timing to talk to Bu Cathy (- our Indonesian teacher currently in Indonesia on long service leave.) and several Indonesian teachers as well as students in Jakarta. My class used this time to ask questions that they were finding difficult to locate answers for in books or on the internet. This has been a wonderful success and you can read more about the experience on our class blog.

Some feedback that I have received from Bu Cathy has included;

“I loved that Sandy had asked each of her students to say, “Selamat pagi. Nama saya…..) before they spoke and then “Terima kasih.” afterwards. They said it so smoothly, i was so proud of them. They also spoke really clearly and on the whole we could understand them easily.”

As well as being successful for my students, Bu Cathy has also been able to effectively demonstrate to school leaders in Jakarta how effective face timing is in supporting Indonesian students in learning English. we were delighted to read her post which included the following quote…

A huge thank you to the year 5′s from Mrs Roberts class and also to Mrs Warner’s class from PEPS. You were great ambassadors not only for for our school, but also for Australia! Both classes asked terrific questions and the way you all politely and fluently greeted each visitor before introducing yourself in Indonesian impressed them all enormously! Our sister schools are both thrilled to have met you and you have confirmed for them the image of Australians as being friendly, well mannered and confident, all important values for Indonesians as well!
Bagus sekali”

I am so proud of my students as well as being grateful to Bu Cathy for creating this amazing opportunity for our class.