My Digital Footprint

 As a teacher I am forever evolving and reinventing how I do things. The beauty of technology is that I can do this easily. I  use the internet to share, learn, reflect and grow with others in a much more connected way. This page has been inspired by George Couros who shared his own digital footprint with us at a CEGSA conference early in 2012. I also really like his brother’s Alec Couros’ Illustration of the Networked Teacher (see below)

Here are some of the ways I have connected with our digital world. 

WORDPRESS  I have two blog sites;

Feel free to visit them both and make sure you leave a comment!

TWITTER   I love twitter and have been amazed at how it has opened up a world of educators and leaders to me. Great tool to connect with teachers everywhere.

FACEBOOK   As I found myself connecting with more and more teachers and educational groups, I found I needed to start up a Facebook page to help manage these. Another great place to share resources, etc.

LINKEDiN   I started on Linkedin a long time ago and think its time I went back and updated my file.

  PREZI  I have just started using this with my class and they (and I) love it. Great tool for presenting information.

IWB Resources I was lucky enough to create and Publish a science unit on Push And Pull Forces to use on the IWB called “Toys”


Google doc  Still exploring the vast capabilities of my google account!


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